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New to Little Whispers 'Yellow Door Early Years Resources.  Play is at the heart of Yellow Door, they are a publisher of award-winning, multisensory resources.  They believe that helping you to offer language-rich play environments is the best thing to do together to enhance children’s learning, their well-being and their future success. The range includes tactile resources, books and educational apps for children in the EYFS and those with SEND.

If we want children to be playful learners, we think we should set them a good example. At Yellow Door they have a lot of fun creating products – whether it is working out how to create things out of stone; finding new materials to print on so the resources can be used outside all year round; or developing new features for there interactive software, such as the facility for children to record their own stories.

They are proud to be a member of BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association) and as well as abiding by their Code of Practice, they continue to take an active role in BESA’s Early Years Special Interest Group.

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Natural Shape Viewers From Yellow Door - Little Whispers
Yellow Door Natural Shape Viewers
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