Hand Puppets

Hand Puppets from The Puppet Company and Kaloo.  We have a large selection of Hand Puppets we know you will love, from cheeky Monkeys to Rabbits in a Lettuce, great fun.  If these don't make your little one giggle then nothing will, they really are adorable and great for role play.

See the puppets come to life, what this video showing the Rabbit Puppet from The Puppet Company.

You Tube Video  this will make you smile :)

See the New Kaloo Hand Puppets/Comforters, they are adorable, little bear in a honey pot, rabbit in a plant pot with carrots around him, really cute.  The puppets can be a fun game or a special comforter for baby.  We have puppets from Kaloo, including a Bee, Bear, Teddy, Racoon, Penguin, Fox, Lamb, Dog and many more.  Take a look, they will be your little ones best friend.

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