Vilac Wooden Tea Set VIL8164 (Direct Shipping)

A complete and well made miniature tea set for young children to have endless fun hosting imaginary tea parties. Includes everything needed to fuel young childrens imagination, from a set of mugs with a teapot to a selection of wooden biscuits. It even has felt tea bags for the full experience. All can be carried to the tea time destination on the simply designed tray.
  • The Vilac Wooden Tea Set is handmade and includes 4 mugs and spoons, a teapot, 4 teabags, a selection of biscuits and a tray to carry it all on. All tastefully decorated and beautifully finished.
  • Children will love taking pride in their own tea set and hosting tea parties with real or imaginary guests.
  • Handcrafted from wood and felt. The wood can be easily wiped clean. Vilac's wooden toys have been delighting children & babies since 1911. They collaborate with artists to make beautiful, sustainably-made toys, games & puzzles.
  • Dimensions - 28cm x 8.5cm x 14.5cm.
  • Easily wipe clean
  • Suitable for 2 years +