Teddo Play - Where Our Food Grows Card Set

700 g
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What a great way to learn where our food grows, these stunning cards are packed with facts on 40 fruit and vegetables as well as on trees, bushes, plants, vines, among others! It is a fantastic resource to introduce your child to how and where the food we eat grows.

The front of the card has the food in its natural state and surroundings depending on where it grows – on a tree, on a vine on the ground, on a tall shrub, on a bush, on a plant and so on.

The back of the card tells you what you see in the image on the front, where it grows and also some interesting lesser-known facts about it.

Learn to sort vegetables and fruit in different stacks (you’ll be amazed at how many items end up in the fruit pile which you would have sworn was a vegetable!)

Use the cards to play matching games with real fruit and veg from your grocery shopping!

Teddö Play Learning Cards double as educational playing cards. Use the cards to play with friends and family!

Also Included Are:

  • Set of 40
  • Magnetic shut-close box
  • 40-pg physical Play Guide full of ideas & suggestions
  • Set of 40x Adhesive Magnets to enable children to use their Teddo Play Learning Cards on magnetic surfaces – whiteboards, blackboards or even on the fridge for a more tactile and immersive learning experience.