Baby Soft Toys

We have a large selection of quality baby and toddler soft toys from birth onwards, from Kaloo, Steiff, Janod, Sevi and Funky Feet.  We also have an Organic range from Happy Horse for all those green parents out there.

The Funky Feet shoes are such fun, your little one will love his little bears or dogs to play with.  The baby shoes are soft and comfortable for baby and stay on, how good is that!  I have lost so many shoes in the past, coming home with just 1 on my little one, the Funky Feet Shoes stay on which is great and saves a lot of tears when your little one loses his/her favorite shoes.  The Kaloo baby shoes are also great fun, they rattle when baby kicks, keeps them amused for hours.

Pick a pair to suit your little one, we know you won't be disappointed.