The Nature Adventure Story Sack

0.5 kg

Children love Nature and exploring, we have two options for you to choose from for this Story Sack.  Both great ideas for outdoor activities. 

We have teamed the The Nature Adventure Book with the Seekers Nature Scavenger Hunt Starter Kit - we have also put the book with the Detective Set which includes a Magnifying Glass and Whistle.

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Seekers Nature Trail Scavenger Hunt Kit
Gone are the days of soggy paper, cutting out pictures and having no reward.  With this lovely Scavenger Hunt Starter Kit you can have fun over and over again. 

Seekers Option Includes

  • The Nature Adventure Board Book
  • Seekers Nature Starer Kit which includes:
  • A waterproof and durable magnetic board
  • 12 SEEKERS reversible magnets
  • 1 x large drawstring backpack
  • 1 x small drawstring bag
  • 20 x Reward Stickers

Detective Kit Option Includes:

    • The Nature Adventure Board Book
    • Hape Detective Set

Get curious, get creative, get outside! Get close to nature with this outdoor project book. Perfect gift for adventurous children, as they play their way through 40 crafts and games to be done outside. Inside the pages of this activity book for kids, you'll discover:- More than 40 inspiring outdoor activities split into four sections: adventure skills, nature detective, wild art, and sensory games- Outdoor crafts that are explained clearly through beautiful photography and step-by-step instructions - Colourful and fun pages with illustrations mixed in throughout about fun things to do in natureNature is a destination, but you don't have to travel anywhere to find it!