Potion Making Kit

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All Children love to experiment don't they?  With this Potion Making Kit they can make up their own potions, great for the budding scientists out there.

The Kit Includes:
250ml Measuring Beaker for making up your concoctions
Natural Wooden Stirring Stick
3 Potion Bottles, small clear glass Gladstone bottles with cork stoppers
Turmeric Powder to provide natural yellow colouring
Sieve to remove bigger ingredients
Mini Funnel to transfer potions 
Beetroot Powder to provide natural red colouring
Dried Flower Petals, UK grown dried rose petals in little gossamer draw string bag.
Dried Rosemary in 13cm tall hessian bag with drawstring.
Dried Lavender in 13cm tall hessian bag, with drawstring.