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Little Whispers' Earth Day

We are at one with the world in celebrating Earth Day! We support raising awareness and taking action on environmental issues and promote Eco-friendly toys that are 100% safe!

Here are some of our amazing toys.

Hape Bamboo Nature Detective Set

 Go out on adventures with this great Detective Set.  Get a close-up look at leaves, bugs and the rest of nature with this handy 4x magnifying glass! 

National Geographic Ultimate Ocean Sand

Ultimate Ocean Play Sand Set, more engaging than ever. This set includes themed action figures, sand molds, and packaging converts to a diorama playscape. Detailed learning guides inside teach the science and history behind each theme.

Easy Hold Wooden Magnifying Lens 73363

Made from a solid rubberwood frame with easy grip handles enclosing a magnifying lens offering 2x magnification (with an inset lens offering 3x magnification).

Yellow Door Let’s Investigate Nature YD1197

These beautifully tactile Nature stones reflect the natural treasures children might discover in the natural world. Designed for outdoor learning, investigative play and forest school, the stones are robust for lots of outside adventures!


Bug Spotter Nature Story Sack

Comes with the National Trust Out and About Mini-Beast Explorer Hardback Book, Den Kit Company Bug Spotter Kit and the TickiT Magnifying Glass.
This Bug Spotter kit contains a bug-pot with magnifier-lid, allowing a closer inspection of the captured mini-beast inside.
National Trust introduction to mini-beasts for children aged 8-12! Ideal for any budding wildlife explorers, this book encourages children to get outside and spot mini-beasts in the wild!

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