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National Nest Box Week at Little Whispers

Are you ready to start getting outside and enjoying nature.  It is National Nestbox Week!  See this Guide on how you can help birds

Now’s an ideal time to get ready for birds’ nesting season, to ensure chicks get their best start in life. If you’re thinking about putting up a nest box, or making your own, we’ve got lots of tips to help you.

We have a large selection of things to help the birds and to just get out into nature and have fun.  Check out our Outdoor Play Page at Little Whispers.  We have Bird Pizza making kits, Bird Nest Kit and Bug Spotter Kits with magnifying glasses and lots more.

It will soon be time to get outdoors and make dens, explore and enjoy the Spring.  Take a look at our range of Den Kits they are amazing, great fun for the little adventures out there.  We also have a selection of Story Sacks with books that will enable your little ones to spot various bugs, birds and trees.

We also have a large selection of Flash Cards for use with your Mud Kitchen and Bug Hunts.  Forage for berries and plants, find out what they are, what they do and much more.  Identify all the birds that come into your garden with the Great British Bird Watch.  Why not sign up for the Wild Challenge, experience nature.

We would love you to send your bird pictures to us at, we can add the best ones to our Facebook page the overall best picture will receive a gift.

Happy Snapping!

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