3 Anti Gravity Liquid Motion Timers A0708

400 g

Motion Timers, Vibrant Trio of Colours: The set includes three distinctively coloured hourglasses in red, blue, and yellow, adding a pop of colour wherever they're used or displayed.
High-Quality Transparent Plastic Construction: Made of robust and transparent plastic, these hourglasses ensure longevity while offering a clear view of the sand's movement.
Innovative Anti-Gravity Effect: Unlike traditional hourglasses, these ones are designed to make the sand move upwards, creating a visually stimulating and unique experience.

Classic Hourglass Design with Superior Seal: Each hourglass showcases a timeless design with a narrow centre and broader chambers, perfectly sealed to prevent any leakage.

Versatile Use: They serve multiple purposes, from being effective tools for sensory integration activities and calming effects, to vibrant decorative items due to their unique sand movement and colourful design.