3 Stepping Liquid Motion Timers A0709

400 g
Three Distinct Designs: The set includes 3 different designs, two dual-coloured hourglasses in red and blue, and pink and yellow, and one single-coloured green with a purple spinner.
Safe and Non-Toxic: The oil used in these hourglasses is non-toxic, making it safe for use around children.
Transparent and Leak-Proof Design: Each hourglass is transparent, allowing a clear view of the captivating oil movement from the top to the bottom, and sealed securely to prevent any leakage.
Spinner Feature: One of the hourglasses includes a spinner in the top and bottom halves, adding to the visual fascination as the oil flows down and causes it to spin.
Versatile and Calming: These hourglasses serve multiple purposes, from sensory integration activities to stress relief, as the gentle flow of the oil from top to bottom offers a calming effect.