Bug Spotter Nature Story Sack

400 g

Great Explorers Story Sack. Comes with the National Trust Out and About Mini-Beast Explorer Hardback Book, Den Kit Company Bug Spotter Kit and the TickiT Magnifying Glass.

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Bug Spotter Kit:
This little kit contains a bug-pot with magnifier-lid, allowing a closer inspection of the captured mini-beast inside. An illustrated bug-spotter card offers further information on how to identify your bug - and the role these tiny creatures play in our ecosystem. All contained within a reusable jute bag, ready to take on mini-beast adventure in your back garden, the park, the beach or just the nearest rock to peer beneath.

National Trust introduction to mini-beasts for children aged 8-12! Ideal for any budding wildlife explorers, this book encourages children to get outside and spot mini-beasts in the wild! It is packed with fun activities and useful information about how to identify mini-beasts whilst out and about, whether in a garden or adventuring further afield. Written by Robyn Swift in consultation with experts from the National Trust and featuring gorgeous illustrations by Hannah Alice. 

TickiT Magnifying Glass