A2 Colour Changing Light Panel And Table 73386 (Direct Shipping)


This clever and aesthetically pleasing low-level table comes with an A2 Colour Changing Light Panel which fits on top. Table has fold out legs which lock into place with a hex key.The light panel will keep children fascinated for hours.  The innovative colour changing light panels, allow them to discover new opportunities in exploring the effects of colour mixing, opacity and transparency and also in observing natural and man-made objects in an interesting and different way.  TickiT Light Panels are perfect for use with our specially made Tickit perception shapes, letters, building blocks and more (sold separately), and also with any other translucent items around the house. 

The light panel has an anti-trip magnetic connector and uses LED strips and diffusers to evenly illuminate the panels in any 1 of 20 colours. An infrared remote control can be used to set the panel to an individual colour or made to rotate through a sequence of colours slowly via 'smooth, fade, flash or strobe' settings. Cool to touch and with A+ energy rating. 

All TickiT Light Panels come with low voltage mains power supply and a TickiT Light Panel Guide, which is also available in French, German, Spanish, Polish and Swedish - please enquire for details.

Supports the following areas of learning:

• Personal Development - sensory
• Personal Development - collaborative play
• Understanding the World - light
• Understanding the World - colour
• Understanding the World - observation

Size: 605 x 408 x 295mm

Age: Suitable for use with children under adult supervision.