First Emotions: I Feel Sad Board Book

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The rain cloud character, Sadness, is here to teach your little ones how to recognise this strong emotion and name their feelings. This adorable book explains why children might get sad, such as a friend going away or a broken toy. It tells us how sadness affects the body, like when we cry.

The book also includes ways to cheer yourself up again, so kids can practise whenever something upsets them. This brightly illustrated board book is a gentle and simple introduction to strong emotions. The Sadness character evokes the feelings that preschoolers have experienced but might not have the words for just yet.

Help them understand what the emotions are and that everyone feels them sometimes. The little raincloud shows young children that being sad is okay, and how to stop the feeling from getting too big. The easy language makes for a fun and educational reading time that helps children with their language development, vocabulary, and talking about their emotions, especially if they have difficulty expressing feelings.

Let the Sadness character help you answer difficult questions with simple explanations for toddlers and up. Why Do I Feel Sad Today?This fantastic children's feelings guide includes:- Easy to understand descriptions of the key emotion: Sadness- Easy to read text that encourages vocabulary building- Beautiful illustrations that will engage preschoolers

  • 179 x 179 x 12 (mm)
  • Board book - 18 pages