Yellow Door Let's Roll Garden Bugs Roller YD1154

850 g

New Rollers which offer an imaginative way for children to explore the natural world through creative play.  Roll into playdough or clay and stamp with the bugs to create hands-on habitats!  Count the bees on the honeycomb, match the ladybirds to flowers and tell stories of what is happening close by when you look carefully.

Children can experiment using different amounts of pressure and rolling in different ways, honing their fine motor skills as they create tactile patterns and beautiful works of art.

See the Playdough we have to make your creations

The set includes the following bugs and their habitats: butterfly and meadow, bee and honeycomb, spider and web, ladybird and flowers, caterpillar and branch, grasshopper and grass.

Made from our durable stone mix, each set contains six rollers each measuring 72 x 34mm and are easy to clean.

Safe for age 2+.