Garden Life to Spot Story Sack with Puppet Company Puppets

50 g

You can spot so many things in your garden, from Birds to Bugs.  Get your little ones out spotting with this Garden Life Story Sack.  They can have fun spotting 60 different kinds of animals, birds, plants, trees and bugs and using the sticker chart at the back of the book to keep track of the things they've seen. Each entry has fascinating facts and spotting tips, as well as an enchanting illustration by Stephanie Fizer Coleman.  They can also take out their own Bird and Bugs Finger Puppets, great for role play and interaction.

  • Paperback / soft back 28 pages
  • Puppet Company Grey Squirrel finger puppet
  • Puppet Company Bee finger puppet
  • Puppet Company Ladybird finger puppet
  • Puppet Company Red Butterfly finger puppet
  • Puppet Company Blackbird finger puppet
  • Puppet Company Robin  finger puppet