Tegu Classroom Kit in Tints -130 Piece (Direct Shipping)

500 g

Tegu Classroom Kit in Tints contains 130 Pieces.  Education is easy with the Tegu 130 Piece Classroom Kit!  Especially designed for both the classroom or home playroom, this wonderful Tegu magnetic wooden block set is perfect for all ages. With so many different things you can make and a really great way of introducing STEM and magnetism. Plus the 130 piece set is compatible with all other Tegu sets!

The Tegu open-ended nature of play spins a wonderful twist on the classic wooden building block. With no instruction manuals nor electronics, just toys that demand imagination and inspire limitless creativity across all ages. Not to mention, introduces children of all ages to the wonder behind science. As they naturally ask questions about the safely embedded magnets inside. In the same manner, as young children learn to stack the pieces side by side or create tall towers, they also develop their fine motor skills. And learn about basic shapes. Whilst older kids get acquainted with more complicated shapes. Such as the parallelogram. Thereby, as children engage with the 130 piece set, a curiosity in engineering and architecture grows which must be researched!