Handa's Surprise Story Sack with Puppet Company finger puppets

300 g

Handa's Surprise Finger Puppet Story Sack.  We have put this lovely colourful book with the Puppet Company Finger Puppets, great for imaginative Play.

Contents Book and 9 Fingers Puppets:

  • Handa's Surprise Paperback /Soft-back Book 32 pages
  • Puppet Company Girl Finger Puppet
  • Puppet Company Ostrich Finger Puppet
  • Puppet Company Antelope Finger Puppet
  • Puppet Company Goat Finger Puppet
  • Puppet Company Zebra Finger Puppet
  • Puppet Company Giraffe Finger Puppet
  • Puppet Company Elephant Finger Puppet
  • Puppet Company Macaw Finger Puppet
  • Puppet Company Chimp Finger Puppet

Classic picture book, full of delightful surprises which colourfully unfold when a little girl called Handa puts seven delicious fruits in a basket to take to her friend. A beautiful book of a bestselling modern classic, this is the story of Handa, who's part of the Luo tribe in south-west Kenya. Handa decides to take seven pieces of delicious fruit to her friend, Akeyo, who lives in the neighbouring village, but as Akeyo muses, I wonder what fruit Akeyo will like best, a series of sneaky animals steal something from Handa's basket which she is carrying on her head....

All of our story sacks are presented in a Fair Trade cotton bag with a swing tag.