Little Book of Big Happiness LW

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New from Learn Well, part of the Pip series.  The Little Book of Happiness helps children enjoy their joyful and exuberant feelings in a practical and positive way. This book was written in 2021 when the coronavirus pandemic is causing anxiety about mental health and emotion wellbeing of children.  In time of adversity such as these, there might be a tendency to focus on the difficult feelings.  This is a book of happiness.  It is therefore somewhat different from the other books in the series, which deal with the more difficult and painful feelings.

The Little Book of Big Happiness is a sensitive resource for teachers or moms to use in the home or classroom with children of all ages and abilities. This book contains materials and activities to explore the many layers of emotions and suggests ways of helping.

Firs, it will give you an overview of the importance of feelings in mental health and how we can help children's emotional development.

Paperback book: 45 pages which include Creative Activities and Worksheets