Little Red Riding Hood Story Sack with Reversible Doll

485 g

It's Storytime!  Be creative with the Lilliputiens reversible doll to tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Use your imagination to make a whole new story with the characters.

This reversible Little Red Riding Hood story doll narrates the wonderful fairy tale by means of drawings on both the little girl’s and grandmother’s dresses. In fact, the entire tale can be followed on the fabric as it unfolds.

During the storytelling, the puppet will have to be turned over to reveal the grandmother or the wolf, depending on where you are in the story. Amaze your children by telling them this beautiful story. Once they are familiar with the Little Red Riding Hood’s plot, they can then have fun narrating it to you.

  • Board Book
  • Lilliputiens Little Red Riding Hood Doll
Little Red Riding Hood reversible story doll is made of polyester and machine washable at 30°C. 100% Polyester & 100% GRS Polyester stuffing
  • Machine washing at 30°C - Gentle cycle