Mud Kitchen Sequencing Stones

0.7 kg

Have great fun with these Mud Kitchen Sequencing Stones.  You can, Measure, cut, whisk and stir your way to sequencing success!  Mud kitchens offer children a very hands-on opportunity to explore different processes and sequences. Great and durable for use in all outdoor environments, these tactile stones show a simple image of a cooking process on one side and a related word on the reverse.

Ideal for introducing key vocabulary.  Line up the stones to show the stages of a recipe, indicate an area for a specific task or allocate tasks.

  • Made from a unique stone and resin mix, each set contains ten process stones: bake, cook, crush, cut, measure, pour, roll, spread, stir and whisk.
  • Measures 45mm high
  • Age 2+

You Tube Video of Stones in Action