Yellow Door Let's Roll Pond Life Rollers YD1157

750 g

Who doesn't love Pond Dipping!  With these lovely roller you can discover what is found in and around a pond.  Roll the stamp into play dough or clay to reveal the hidden stories of what lives in and around our ponds. Match the frogs to the lily pads, hide the fish in the weeds, see how the dragonfly darts through the rushes, all while creating satisfying sensory art. Children will develop the muscles in their hands as they press and roll in different ways.

See the Eco Playdough we have to make your creations 

The set includes the following pond life: frog and lily pads, fish and weeds, duck and pond, kingfisher and perch, pond skater and duckweed, dragonfly and bulrushes. Made from our durable stone mix, each set contains six rollers each measuring 72 x 34mm and are easy to clean.

Safe for age 2+.