Yellow Door Pre-Coding Penguin Activity Cards

350 g

These pre-coding Penguin Activity Cards are not only great for coding, they are perfect for introducing specialist vocabulary such as positional language. They are also brilliant for introducing pattern recognition and problem solving.

This is a set of 16 activity cards with appealing photographic images providing a realistic backdrop to the activities. Made from a sturdy and washable plastic, each card measures 275 x 210mm. Age 3+. They are also great for Messy play and for use with playdough.

The Pre-coding Activity Cards can be used alongside the Penguin stones (Sold separately) they will provide challenge and nurture children’s thinking skills. 

Contains 18 penguins: four of each directional arrow and two without arrows. Each penguin stone measures 48mm and are safe for children aged 2+.

You Tube Video: Pre-Coding Penguin Stones