Yellow Door Pre-Coding Penguin Stones

500 g

The Yellow Door Pre-coding Penguin Stones are not only cute but they will also inspire the use of directional and positional language, matching practice, problem solving, pattern making, logical thinking and sequencing skills. All of these skills are vital for children to develop and master in their everyday lives and through their interactions with technology. The penguins are specially designed to embed pre-coding skills through an appealing, tactile resource and are robust enough to be used in ice, sand and outdoors!  Once children are secure with the physical skills of ordering and manoeuvring, they will have the confidence to apply the same skills in more abstract ways with digital interfaces.

The Penguin Stones can be used alongside the Pre-coding Activity Cards (Sold separately). They will provide challenge and nurture children’s thinking skills.

  • Contains 18 penguins: four of each directional arrow and two without arrows.
  • Each penguin stone measures 48mm
  • Safe for children aged 2+