Den Kit Survival Bracelet Kit

250 g

Great and fun to make kit from the Den Kit Company.  The Survival Bracelet Kit.  A length of strong paracord could come in useful for all sorts of survival situations - and woven into a bracelet to wear on your wrist or clip on your kit bag, you’ll never be without it. This absorbing and practical mini kit contains the tools and tips for making two - because a survival bracelet could be the most useful accessory you’ll ever wear, and is definitely the best fun to make!


  • Mini Hessian Bag, perfect size for your mini kit, this useful natural hessian drawstring bag keeps everything where it should be.
  • A generous 3m of olive 3mm paracord.
  • A generous 3m of orange 3mm paracord.
  • 2 curved side-release buckles that clip together securely and comfortably.
  • With step-by-step instructions, this illustrated Survival Bracelet Kit Guide is easy to follow and contains tips for success.