Lanka Kade Snail and the Whale Story Sack

0.6 kg

This lovely book from Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler tells a tale about a Snail and a Whale, plus other little creatures pop up, like the Shark and the Seagull, lovely story.  We have put this book together with Wooden Lanka Kade Animals or you can choose to have the Holztiger Whale and Snail. Great for imaginative play, your little ones can act out the story with the characters.  

You can also purchase the TickiT Organza Silk to make your own sea (sold separately)

  • Lanka Kade Whale
  • Lanka Kade Snail
  • Lanka Kade Clown Fish
  • Lanka Kade Octopus
  • Lanka Kade Penguin
  • Lanka Kade Seagull
  • Lanka Kade Shark
  • Lanka Kade Brown Bear

The Animals come in a Fair Trade Cotton Bag.  You can choose to not have the Book.