Tonies Car Organiser & Pouch - (GREY) for use with Toniebox Player

40 g
£37.95 £39.99

Tonies Car Organiser is the perfect on-the-go accessory for taking tonies® with you on every adventure.

The foldable organiser is fastened by belts that loop around the headrest and car seat. With dedicated space for your Toniebox, Tonies, USB-charging station, headphones and more, you’ll be able to keep the wonderful world of tonies® safe and close on every journey. There’s even a detachable pouch that can be carried separately, with room for 2-3 Tonies.

Great for keeping those Muddy Feet off the back of your seats.  The Car Organiser is made with robust and easy-to-clean material, so it can withstand even the muddiest of shoes.

Now all your favourite Tonies are always with you for every adventure.

23.5cm x 40cm
100% Polyester
Capacity: Up to 8 Tonies

  • 1x Car Organiser
  • Mini-Pouch
  • Available in grey/yeti.