Tonies Audio Character - Rotten Romans

40 g

Journey back in time and unearth some of the foulest facts about the Rotten Romans – if you dare! From beastly battles, gruesome gods and deadly doctors to revolting Roman aromas, you’ll discover the terrible truths they don’t teach you in school!

Uncover some of history’s most horrible headlines and find out why the Romans were experts at invading other countries. Get ready for evil emperors, goat-chopping priests and chickens that can predict the future… This awfully awesome Tonie tells the real story of the Rotten Romans – for those who can stomach it!

  • Running time: approx. 61 minutes
  • Suitable for 7+


  • A Rome With a View
  • Roman all over the Place
  • Sinister Superstitions
  • Cheerless for Chickens
  • Rotten Republic
  • The Barmy Roman Army
  • Gory Gaul
  • Evil Emperors
  • Gruesome Gods
  • Deadly Doctoring
  • Gruesome Gladiators