Tum Tum Tippy Up Cup - Olivia Owl LARGE 300ml

150 g

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This is the Large version of the Olivia Owl Tippy Up Sippy Cup 300ml.  The cup is designed for drinking at home or on the go thanks to it’s flip top lid and weighted straw, which allows for any way up drinking.

The Tum Tum Tippy Up Sippy Cup has a nifty weighted straw that follows the liquid as the cup is tipped up, so that the user is never sucking at fresh air. Nor does it contain any sort of valve, meaning that the little one doesn’t have to suck hard to release the liquid.

Made from Polypropylene; a material which is entirely BPA free and which does not contain or leach any harmful chemicals or toxins. It can also be easily recycled.

The straw is made from food grade silicone – also BPA free.

  • Tippy up cup available in various designs (series 3)
  • Weighted straw technology – drink any way up!
  • Handy measure on the side
  • Flip top leakproof lid
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA & Phthalate free
  • Spare straw and brush set available
  • Suitable for age 6 months +