Whizzy Dizzy 294201 (Direct Shipping)


Whizzy Dizzy is great for indoor or outdoor fun and promotes exercise and is great for improving children's hand-eye coordination and in aiding the development of gross motor skills.

The sturdy plastic base houses a swivelling sitting platform which rotates as children pull on the circular central wheel.

Children will be working core muscles as they discover how to coordinate their hands and arms in to manoeuvre themselves around the central post, this will provide a sense of achievement and fun as they make themselves go around faster. Children are always in control of their speed as the Whizzy Dizzy will only spin as fast as they are pulling on the wheel.

Supports the following areas of learning:

• Physical Development - motor skills
• Physical Development - hand-eye coordination
• Personal Development - collaborative play
• Understanding the World - forces & motion

2016 Nursery World Awards - Overall Winner
(Equipment & Resources Birth to Fives category)

Nursery World judges were impressed by its quality and potential for developing children’s vestibular system and core strength. They also found it ‘very engaging’ as it builds on the concept of the fairground ride of rotating teacups and concluded, ‘Children will love it!’ The product is already proving a hit with children who are finding their own ways to use the seat and integrating it into their play.

“It has been used indoors and outside every day. The children have had to work hard to be coordinated and develop the muscle control to make it work, and have tried different speeds too when more confident with the process. They have used this with timers to make sure of fair turn-taking and have all enjoyed watching each others attempts at whizzing round… and have also used it in role play, pretending to be at the park and using it as a roundabout.”

Size: 550mm diameter, 300mm high. Maximum weight limit 45kg. 3+

Age: Suitable from 3 years.