Yoto Player (3rd Generation Bundle) Yoto and Adventure Jacket

900 g
£111.59 £123.99

This is the new generation of our award-winning audio player. Designed to soundtrack childhood adventures, it’s packed with features that inspire creative play and support family life, watch the video to see the Yoto Player Review.


  • Yoto Player 3rd Generation
  • Yoto Player Adventure Jacket (Pink or Blue) let us know what colour you would like

(UK ONLY Sorry)

You Tube Video showing all the great assets of the Yoto Player

Yoto Player (3rd Generation) builds on the features beloved by families around the world. Yoto Cards give kids control over 1,000 audio titles from the world’s greatest creators. And its seven-colour night light - improved for a more vibrant glow - helps parents get “nighty-night”s and wake-ups right.

And now the new, acoustically-engineered Yoto Player (3rd Generation) sounds better than ever. Families can now enjoy more than 24 hours of play on a single charge. And a new room thermometer lets parents of newborns ensure their baby is always sleeping comfortably.

It’s the next generation player for the next generation of play.