Pond Life Story Sack with PLR Laminated Pond Life Cards

300 g

Discover your Pond with this great Story Sack which includes The Pond Board Book and the Playful Little Readers Pond Life Laminated Cards.

Board book 14 pages
Lift the lily pads and peep under the water to discover what's in a pond. From tadpoles hatching and turning into frogs, to diving beetles and even dragonfly larvae transforming into adults, this book has so much information for curious young children. Find out which fish has a nest for his babies, meet a sleepy newt and peep under a swan's wing to see her fluffy cygnets hitching a ride on her back.

Pack of 18 cards plus cover - 10cm x 7cm
Expand your child's knowledge and learn a new thing or two about pond life with the explorer pond life pack! Great for identifying things to find in and around the pond.

Printed onto 350gsm heavy weight card using high quality ink, with a matt laminate finish to enhance durability and keep them protected from rain etc, whilst out exploring and identifying.