Premium Water Tray Set EDX66077 (Direct Shipping)


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The edx education® Premium Water Tray Set is a brilliant way for children to safely play and explore with different tactile materials such as water, sand, paint, jelly, or any messy play mixtures of your choice. Premium Water Tray Set has been designed to be more durable and easier to empty and drain of sand & water. Features a water tight screw-in plug for easy water drainage and 2 lids that have been designed to be used as separate play tables that can accommodate 2-4 children’s play activities. Includes a strong tubular frame fitted with two lockable casters for easy movement.

The clear tray is strong and durable, with a plug release that makes it quick and easy to empty the water and clean. Have fun mixing different materials together, experimenting with colour mixing or use small items or counters for imaginative play, or just to make a potion!

Use with a variety of accessories for children to explore gravity, floating, sinking, buoyancy, weight, displacement or just have hours of fun.

This product is designed for indoor use, do not store outside and minimise exposure to direct sunlight as this will cause the product to discolor due to the effects of UV radiation.

Set includes: 
1 clear water tray, 2 black lids, and 1 non-foldable stand
Size LxWxH: 110cm x 58cm x 58cm
Age: 3yrs+
Product Code: EDX66077