Silishapes Linking People Family (6)

0.095 kg

We have put together a family of 6 members, each made of a different transparent colour (making each character entirely different from the others, colours will vary with each set) they can be linked by their hands. Characters include grandpa & grandma, mum & dad and girl & boy.  Moulded with realistic features and in proportion they can be used across the curriculum.  We cater for all family situations see the choices.

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Linking People are an excellent resource for storytelling, language development, mathematical sorting, pattern-making and for their attributes (larger/smaller, taller/shorter, older/ younger). In science they can be used to help children understand life cycles as well as on a light box to see colour mixing or the effect when reflected in a mirror. They are good to help children develop fine motor skills and in small world play. Being made from silicone they are strong and easily cleaned after use in soapy water or even in a dishwasher without harm. The set comes with an information sheet of ideas for use across the curriculum.