Slow Down and be here Now Nature Book

550 g

Zoom in to watch:· a hummingbird drink nectar· a pea shoot appear· a little snail as he comes come out to drink· a caterpillar create its own leaf tent· a family of hermit crabs move house, with charming text and real science, see nature up close and let it stop you in your tracks, so that you can truly find joy in the present moment. 

Slow down with this beautiful hardback book and enjoy:· A treasury of miracles that happen on our very doorsteps· 20 nature stories, told step-by-step· Gorgeous colour illustrated throughout with sumptuous gold foil cover.  Visual stories that are perfect for young readers 3+ and up. 

Mindfulness activities and further reading included at the back of the book, words of praise for Slow Down: A Bookseller Editor's Choice book "Fifty moments in nature are captured in slowed-down double page spreads: a cresting wave, a hatching chick, a bee pollinating a flower.  The effect is magical." Fiona Noble, The Bookseller"

A wonderful book for inspiring a love of the natural world." - The Bookseller" This cosily illustrated volume wants us to take time to stand and stare, paying attention to everyday natural events, many of which can be appreciated in a garden or indoors through a window" ? The Sunday Times

242 x 297 x 12 (mm)

Hardback 64 pages