Tonies Audio Character - Little Princess

30 g

She lives in a big castle with her parents, the King and Queen. And like any other five year old, she is full to bursting with questions, curiosity and the occasional bout of stubborness. But she never stays sad for long – there’s too much fun to be had!

This delightful collection of charming tales is based on the best-selling children’s book series The Little Princess. Stories featured include Fish, Tea For Two and Where’s Puss, as well as seven other whimsical tales starring the King and Queen, along with Maid, Gardener, Puss and Scruff.  It’s the perfect length to pop on in the background for a rainy afternoon filled with drawing, painting and quiet play.

List of titles:

01 - Introduction
02 - Cloud Fishing
03 - Cowgirl
04 - Gilbot
05 - Fish
06 - Little Princess and the Sunflower
07 - Little Princess Lends a Hand
08 - Sister
09 - Tea for Two
10 - Turn on the Taps
11 - Where's Puss?

Good to know:
Tonies only work when paired with a Toniebox
Running time: approx. 105 minutes
Suitable for 3+

This Tonie teaches:
- Friendship

  • Imagination
  • Persistence