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Audio Toys

Storytelling has long been a favourite amongst children. Aside from the old school book reading, storytelling can be done in many ways like role playing, writing, and theatre acting. As times goes by, the way of storytelling has evolved and now we can enjoy storytelling through audio listening.
They provide an avenue to foster imaginary skills by creating characters, places and situations based on the story and develop learning and brain development.

 The narrator brings out humour with expert tone and timing. Aside from listening skills development, the children can also practise quiet concentration and focus. Also, these can be used hands free and great for travelling!  Meaning, the kids can listen to them while doing normal daily activities like walking, during play time or quiet time, eating or even travelling.
 On top of that, audio storybooks covers a wider reach since younger children who can't read yet or has a visual disability can still enjoy them. Plus, they offer screen free time - A great alternative entertainment indeed!

What's more is that you can avail of 4 Tonies for the price of 3! Amazing right?
Collect all interesting stories and listen to your favourite stories anytime, anywhere!

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