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Screen Free Activities

    Screen Free Week
    Lets get your little ones out in the garden, on the beach, anywhere away from a screen :). We have put together some toys that will do just that, we hope you like them.


Flexible Road Track you can play with anywhere, the Beach, the Bath, Gravel.  The WaytoPlay road track is made of 100% child safe and child friendly, durable, hygienic rubber compound, a toy you can wash.

Read and Grow a Plant

Each book tells the story of a vegetable or herb and the cover is impregnated with 500 seeds that grow into plants such as carrots, parsley, dill, basil and lettuce

This aims to educate children & adults alike that we can all do more for the environment. There is always a way to make recyclability fun!

The Den Kits are great for children with no previous den-building experience. They contain, no plastic, no batteries, no complicated instructions - just simple, unadulterated fun. 

    The Den Kit Company at Little Whispers

    Travel Toys

    This collection of toys is all about compact convenience. So if you're heading off on a long haul flight, camping in a field or just out to lunch, here are a few ideas of toys that you can pop in the bag or suitcase to keep your little ones entertained on the go. 

    Tonies the perfect screen free Toy that you can take anywhere!  We have the Toniebox, Carriers to take all your favourite Tonies with you, Headphones and a very large selection of your favourite stories, from Matilda to Snail and the Whale...

    Seekers Scavenger Hunt

    Magnetic Scavenger Hunt from Seekers.  This is a great concept, gone are the pieces of paper which got wet in the rain.  This really clever magnetic board is perfect for the outdoors. 


     Story Sacks

    See our range of Outdoor Fun Story Sacks.  The Story Sacks are Educational and Fun! 

    In this 'Why do we need bees?' story sack, you can find out answers, such as: How do they make honey? And who's who in a beehive?

    Great Activities while learning and taking time off the screen.


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