Spring is Here! - Little Whispers

Spring is Here!

Spring has arrived at Little Whispers, the time for Easter Bunnies and Baby Chicks to hatch, flowers to bud and nature to come alive. 

See all our New Stock, we think you will love them as much as we do.  We have Cute little Easter Chicks, cuddly bunny rabbits and lots of activities for your little ones for Easter and Half Term.

Seekers Magnetic Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt game gets your little ones involved with what is around them, gets them out and exploring. Choose from the Holly and Ben Starter Set or the Seekers Nature Trail Starter Kit, then add on the other activities like the Mini Beast Game, or Happy Campers and many more!  

Den Kit Company

Get your children excited about the great outdoors with this great kits from the Den Kit Company. They contain, no plastic, no batteries, no complicated instructions - just simple, unadulterated fun. Enjoy the Den Kit Cottage Garden or the Original Den Kit Haversack.  We also have lots of Mini Kits to chosse from that we know your little ones will love. Den Kit Bird Nest Kit  and many other kits :)

Willsow the Worlds first Plantable Book

Here's a new fun and worthwhile activity for kids and kids at heart! These plantable books tell the story of a vegetable or herb and the cover is impregnated with 500 seeds that grow into plants such as carrots, parsley, dill, basil and lettuce. Willsow Books aim is to educate Children & Adults alike that we can all do more for the environment. There is always a way to make recyclability fun.

Spring Story Sacks

Story sacks are always a good idea! These spring-themed stories are packed complete with book and accessories. Tell wonderful stories and have some role playing anytime, anywhere. Plus, these are perfect gift items too!


Great toys to encourage your little ones outside into Nature.  We hope you like our suggestions.  Happy Easter from Little Whispers :)


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