Say Cheese with these New Cameras! - Little Whispers

Say Cheese with these New Cameras!

Children can learn a new hobby or save precious memories with these cute child friendly cameras!  Easy to carry and operate, the cameras come in different colours, plus a rechargeable battery, and the silicone sleeves are interchangeable too!

It’s a tool that provides children with fun opportunities to harness a new skill, learn the value of patience, and appreciate the beauty of the things around them.  Also, this will expose them to a new kind of Art - photography!
Choose from the Rookie Camera for the younger photographer, then progress to the Expert Camera with Selfie and Video.  Or if you want something instant, go for the Artist Instant Print Camera which comes with 3 rolls of printing paper.  You can also buy sticky paper to display your art work immediately.  Get Snapping :)

Each box contains:

  • camera
  • silicone sleeve
  • 16GB SD Card
  • 1x Type C Adapter & 1x Micro USB Adapter
  • 2in1 Lanyard

Rookie Yale Digital Camera - Little Whispers

Rookie Yale Digital Camera

Hoppstar 3 Packs Self Adhesive Printing Paper - Little Whispers

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